Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Real Techniques Core Collection | Review

Some time ago I ordered myself the Core Collection of the Real Techniques brushes and I showed them here, once they arrived.

Now I thought that it is already time to tell you something about them and to show you what I use them for.

So these are the four brushes; the pointed foundation brush, the detailer brush, the buffing brush and the contour brush. As I already said in the first entry, this set is made to help you create the base of your make-up.

The brussels of the buffing and contour brush are soft and they are easy to use with powders for example.

The heads of the foundation and detailer brush are flat and not so soft any more, but they still do their job.

So, each of the brushes has the brand name written on the handle, and on the opposite side you can find the name of the given brush.

And I just realised that on one of the brushes, the writing started fading, which doesn't make me too happy, as I thought that would stay pretty and not go crazy after only nearly two weeks of use. But as long as the brushes do their proper job I shouldn't really complain about the quality of the writing on the handles.

I don't wear foundation so I use the foundation brush to apply my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer to my forehead, nose, under my eyes and on all the blemishes and spots I have. At this time it is difficult for me to tell if it is smudging the product properly or not, because the concealer leaves orange patches on my face. However, it is already empty, so next time I'll definitely go for the lighter shade, and maybe it will give a nicer result.

I use the contour brush to highlight my cheekbones slightly, and that was basically all I use it for.

Sometimes I also still use my Shiseido corrector and as it is already so empty that you can't apply it without a brush, I use this tiny one to get some of the product on my face. Sometimes I also use it underneath my lower lashes to smudge the concealer in easier, so that I won't have grey irregular stains from last night's make-up.

And I use the buffing brush for my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder to apply it quickly all over my face.

All in all, I have to say that I am happy with the brushes and if they were a bit cheaper I'd definitely go for every one available because I think that I still don't have one for each area of the face, which would definitely help me with making my make-up look nicer.

The set also comes with a travel case, that I think I'll use when going to Poland, in order to keep all of the brushes safe in one place. But at home I never use it as I keep the brushes with my mascaras and so on in the white IKEA metal pots, which is just handier for everyday use.

What do you think about these brushes? Have you already tried them? If not, would you?



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