Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Well, the weekly vlog got live yesterday and I finished it off saying that I'd spend Halloween at home feeding kids with sweets and eating them myself as well. When the vlog was fully edited and already loading on Youtube to be public soon, I got a message if I didn't want to come to a Halloween party.  At first I was really not sure at all because I had no costume and no idea what I would let my make-up look like. But I got told that I am going to be a black cat so I decided to finally go out as it's been ages since the last time I left the house in the evening to have fun with someone. So I was trying to get some nice cat eye make-up done, but I only had khol eyeliner to do it and it was so difficult to get a nice look. I got so annoyed and hoped that it would at least look acceptable for some time of the party. In the end it turned out quite nice and it brought out my "chinese" eyes even more. Once I finished the make-up, I just put on a skirt and a top because I was about to change my clothes at the party. When I finally arrived there after a 1,5 hour bus journey, I got a beautiful mesh crop top and black skater skirt to wear. I also had black tights on, so that was a good choice. And as my outfit was fully black, I wore black super high heels with some really sharp studs. The heels were 16 cm high and it was so difficult to walk on them, but they look so cool so I decided to wear them but to sit more than walk around in them because it would be really painful to fall on them. But luckily, I managed not to fall at the party, so that was great. I also left my braids in for most of the party and opened them just some time before I left and they were still wet! But I had some really cool waves and my hair looked so voluminous! In the end, when I had to leave I was allowed to keep the heels, so they are now added to my shoe collection.

Crop Top: Topshop, Skater Skirt: River Island

The party itself was quite calm, which I found quite relaxing because there were no crazy drunk teenagers running around. But this was due to some really unloyal people, who cancelled just literally minutes before they were supposed to be at the party. Still, we enjoyed ourselves and I am happy that I was there.
I needed to leave quite early though, because I had work today and didn't want to be too tired there. On my way back home we got some fish and chips and I had some chips at home before bed. And this is how my Halloween this year looked like!

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and that you have only good memories from it.



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