Friday, 7 November 2014

Getting So Christmassy!

Today Eryk and I woke up earlier and I decided that it was finally time again to go out somewhere together. So, our first stop was the bakery, as we had nothing to eat left. Once we've bought our usual stuff we sat down on a bench and enjoyed our tasty breakfast. Then we took the bus to town and were strolling around the street of the city centre and the shops. Everything is so christmassy already and I already am so happy about it, but when I think about the fact that Christmas is still more than a month away, it makes me kind of sad that I still need to wait for so long.

To let you see something from last week- here's the vlog!

Sadly, there is no more blog content today, as my post somehow got lost and I have no time left to do another one. :(




  1. How did you do your braids for the party? I'd love it if you did a tutorial! :)
    You're getting better and better at filming!

    1. They are French braids,I did a tutorial on a small one but will definitely show the two braids as well soon!
      And thank you!