Friday, 21 November 2014

First British Advent Calendar!

Today I had my third day off and Eryk finished work early, so we decided to meet up in town, in order to go to Matalan and ASDA. We were actually only planning on going to Matalan because we thought of buying some more home ware for our room. Eryk was already waiting for me when I arrived and we were looking around for nice things. We did find many nice throws, frames and so on, but we were not 100% sure about them whether we should really get them or wait a bit longer. So, we ended up buying Christmas wrapping paper and a nude cami-top for me, as I bought a beautiful transparent top on Monday, but couldn't wear it without a nude top underneath. Now I actually found a pretty one and hopefully they will look really nice together. Of course, I will add a picture on my blog once I've worn the outfit out somewhere.
So after we've paid, we took the bus home but decided to go to ASDA and have a quick meal at McDonald's and to do the grocery shopping too.
And as ASDA has all the things you could basically think of, we bought three small Yankee Candle votives, and an Advent calendar for me ( FINALLY!). And the best thing is: IT HAS 25 WINDOWS!!!!!!

 As I just recently wrote a blog post about my candle obsession, I have to say that on the same evening I ordered myself a WoodWick candle, and today we bought again three small ones. Creepy people.
Eryk chose them today and the scents he took are: Cherry Vanilla, Cranberry Zest and Rainwashed Berry. I have to say that they all smell delicious and I would definitely repurchase them once these ones are burnt down completely. And they are all red. But at least they are matching. And they smell amazing. What else do you want?

Once we finished the grocery shopping, we hopped on the bus again and then I had to go to a pharmacy to get my stomach acid pills, while Eryk took the grocery home. I then walked home and started editing this week's vlog. It is now converting and it will still take a longer while until it is uploaded on Youtube, so sorry for that.
I will share the link to it here as well, once it's all done and ready to watch!

But now I'll have a small snack and work out a bit before bedtime. I need to go to bed earlier today again as tomorrow I have to get up early for work.

THE VLOG IS HERE! Quick! Go and check it out now!



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