Monday, 3 November 2014

Edinburgh in November

Today was quite a funny day to be honest.
I had another dentist appointment to clean my teeth and to polish them again. This was however done after some minutes and at 11 am I was ready to leave. I had College later on but not earlier than in 2,5 hours so I decided to go to town. I was just strolling around the shops, taking pictures, filming short videos for the vlog and enjoying some sunshine.
In one of the shops I met a friend from school, from Vienna! And it was crazy! I was so surprised and I confused that even speaking in German was difficult at the moment. But we had a nice chat and she said that she had a nice stay here in Edinburgh but she had her flight home today already.
After that I also went to Primark and bought two things that will most likely come up in one of the next posts anyways.
Then I took the tram because I had to go to College again and then I could finally go back home.

And here are some city impressions for you.

My OOTD looked like this and even though I was not sure whether it is already acceptable to wear faux fur coats, but it was quite chilly in the morning so I just went for it.



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