Thursday, 13 November 2014

Books To Read

I am not too much into reading books, BUT if you give me one about The Second World War, I will read it in few hours. I've already read about 10, if not more, of this kind and I still love all the different stories, that are similar though. I even had a part of my English Final Exam about them!
I don't even know when this started, but one day my mum and I just bought one or two books,and when we finished reading them, we bought new ones and so on. And I left all of these books in Vienna. I only took one with me, which I regret now. But I can still ask my mum to bring them to Poland for Christmas, and I could bring them over to Scotland then. So, I won't be able to speak about all of the war themed books I've read, but I will shortly summarise one of them, which is my absolute favourite, and I will also show which ones I have bought when I came to Scotland, that I still didn't manage to read, and which one will be next to my collection.

I bought Two Brothers by Ben Elton for my English exam and I just instantly fell in love with it. At first it is a bit complicated, and it is good to know some bits about history, but it is just such a beautiful story, beautifully written and it is based on a real story.

As this short description tells you already, there are two brothers, who are thought to be twins, but in fact they are not. They fell in love with the same girl, they grow up, things get complicated in Nazi-Germany and the story of the brothers gets really interesting as one of them has to leave the country, and the other one has to go to fight. I don't want to tell what exactly happens, but the key thing somehow is, that they swap identities, which was not uncommon during war time. And just this action, makes such a beautiful history somehow, such an interesting history. I just keep thinking of how many times such things happened back then, I admire all the people that lived through this tough time. I am just totally fascinated by the fact that even young children had to survive on their own, without their parents, without any support. It may seem strange to many, but it is just pure fascination to me. People nowadays would most likely be not able anymore, to survive such conditions.

So, I totally recommend this book, and I would read it again, and again.

Now, "We shall never surrender" and "My Former Heart" are books I haven't read yet, so I won't write anything about them just now.

But, there are books like "The book thief", "The boy in the striped pyjamas", "Run, boy, run", and so many more, that I just totally loved and once I have the chance, I will read these beautiful stories again.

The book I saw last week in a book shop, is this one: Alicia
It seems like the perfect book for me and I can't wait to get my hands on it, and read it.

What about you? Do you like books? What kind of books if you do?