Sunday, 2 November 2014

What's on my phone?

Recently I managed to get myself a cool phone, which is the HTC Desire 610, and I thought why not show you what I filled it with over the first month!
I picked ten apps that I'll show you - they are just the ones I use daily and find really helpful.

Let's start with my homescreen then. Here is really the most most important stuff I'd say.
For example WhatsApp. I never managed to download it on my previous phone because it said that I am not 18, even though I am. Now I finally have it and it is such an easy way of keeping in touch with friends and family abroad. I have unlimited texts, so for the UK I am totally fine without the app, but texting abroad gets really expensive. So I am happy to have the app because I can text people I like all the time and I can also send them random pictures of the day.

Also on this page I have the Edinburgh Bus Tracker app. And this is seriously a lifesaver here! I live just outside of Edinburgh and there is only one bus and a train going to town, so if I just miss a bus, I need to wait at least 10 more minutes for the next one. Now I already figured out how long it takes me to walk to the bus stop and I don't need to wait unnecessarily long for a bus to eventually turn up. And also, with all the bus stops marked, you obviously have a city map integrated and if I have no idea where I need to get off to arrive at the dentist for example, I just check the street names and follow the route my bus is doing, on the map and it is easier for me to know when about I need to get off.

Then of course I also have Instagram that I check all day long and everywhere I can. It is so nice to have it on long bus journeys or before going to bed.

And the last nice thing on my main screen is Youtube. Since I've recently set up a channel myself, I like to check how many views, thumbs up or down I have, and also to check out other new videos. It is also so nice to watch videos on this phone because the speakers are actually in the front so you hear everything nicely and also the screen is huge so that you can see everything easily as well.

Then, once I change the page, I have for example the TSB app, which is for mobile banking. Thanks to this app I can always check my bank account, I can send money to someone and  I just know how much money I can spend or not. No bad surprises. Very useful.

Also, I downloaded the Water Your Body app and it reminds me about every hour to drink something. At first I needed to roughly type in my weight and it calculated how much water I should drink daily. I don't drink water, but lots of tea and sometimes I also have some juice or flavoured water. You can chose from water, tea, coffee, juice, energy drinks, alcohol and so on and you can take down how many ml your drink had. It just adds up everything you drank during the day and tells you how much more you should drink and keeps reminding you. I think this is very useful because I really drink so little that often I realise that I only had two cups of tea that day. It still is very difficult for me to drink so much, but I try my best and usually manage to have about 1000 ml finished a day.

As I am on the bus a lot during the week, I get quite bored and just downloaded myself Sudoku. There was a time where my mum and I were so addicted to Sudoku's that we just did them every day, and my mum still does them very often. I however stopped, but with this app I started again. It is not too silly to be honest, because it trains your brain and you are not sitting uselessly on the bus for an hour doing nothing.

On this page I also have the Amazon app located. I've already used it a couple of times and it is very easy and fast. This is not something I use every day obviously, but it is very useful in my opinion.

In the menu I also have the Ryanair app. I downloaded it some time before I booked my Christmas tickets and thanks to it I could actually find some flights. Ryanair is the only aircraft company that can take me from here to Poland or Bratislava with only one flight, which is perfect and quick. Now I can always check for new tickets available if I'll need some and I can also do it on the go.

And the last thing is Bloglovin'. It is also so nice for letting the time pass by faster if you are bored and you have all your favourite blogs in one place.

Well, these were all the useful apps I have on my phone, though I am sure that there are some that I still don't know about but would totally need in my life! And also, all of these apps are free, so this is even better!

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