Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Light Blue Triangles

Yesterday I told you that I went to a shopping centre and bought myself something. I also said that I'd show you once I've worn it. So, today I couldn't resist and paired my new necklace with small baby blue triangles, with my back cut-out dress from River Island. I am so happy with this small necklace, that it is already a bit weird.
I got it from Dorothy Perkins and usually I wouldn't really buy anything there, but yesterday I thought that they had actually some nice things to have a look at, and so I spotted this cute necklace.
Some time ago I was even writing about the lack of statement jewellery in my collection and so I try to get a new piece now from time to time. I wanted a necklace like this one for a longer time now, but I was never really sure whether I will be wearing it and so on. But, I really have many blue/ navy pieces of clothes. And I seriously don't know why, but especially navy blue dresses attract my attention in shops a lot! So, for this reason, nearly all of my dresses are in that colour. So I also thought  that this necklace would go nicely with most of them, and so I could actually wear it more often than just once in a long while.

What do you think about this small pretty thing? I really hope that I will be wearing it often.

Now I am off to have my pasta bake and watch something cool until Eryk comes back from work.



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