Saturday, 29 November 2014

Monthly Random Favourites | November

Today you are going to see all the other things I've loved throughout November- here they are!

First we have the apple crumble pie I've already baked twice. It is amazing, quite easy and quick in preparation and it will be gone very quickly once it's made! I posted the recipe to it here.

I got myself a beautiful dress from Primark some time ago. And you won't believe how much I paid for it! It was totally reduced to 3£ only!!!! The colours are so bright, the dress itself is very loose, it has sleeves that go up to your elbows and on the back you tie a bow and off you go! To see it fully, click here. I am totally in love with it and I hope that it will stay so pretty for some time at least!

I also included our brand new WoodWick candle that arrived this week. I ordered it off Amazon and it is just a dream! Surely my favourite candle ever! I also filmed it and you can see it here, and I also wrote about it here. I totally recommend it to everyone!

Some days ago we were doing some little grocery shopping on our way home from town and Eryk grabbed some 100% cocoa powder. And we were drinking it nearly every evening since we got it. It is a really nice cocoa powder, and the fact that it says 100% cocoa in the ingredients section makes it even better!

One day after College I went to the Gyle Centre and I went to Dorothy Perkins, where I found this cute necklace with the small triangles. I adore it so much! It is so little, but so pretty and I can wear it with so many outfits to be honest. And it was also a total bargain! Only 3£! I couldn't resist obviously... I also showed it earlier over here.

And the last thing for this month is something sweet. I found Lotus biscuits here and couldn't believe it! I used to buy them in Vienna all the time because they are just so delicious, and perfect with Earl Grey tea or hot chocolate! We had a whole pack some days ago but I couldn't find any of the biscuits any more, so I bought this pack yesterday. Look at it. Nearly half of it is already gone!

I think these were some random picks that I totally loved this month. I recommend all of them because they are great!

Well, I'm off now to talk to my family for a bit and as I work tomorrow again, I shouldn't be up too late tonight.

See you tomorrow! And if you didn't see our latest vlog yet, check it out HERE please!!



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