Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Scented Candle Addict

As you may have already realised, I am kind of a candle addict. I try not to stock up too much on them because I actually want to see them and smell them burn. And if I had too many different ones at the same time, there would always be some of them left unlit.
I've always bought scented candles from IKEA, which are great, but I've burnt down all of the ones I had when I still lived in Vienna. I also had one from Primark, in a rectangular piece of glass, and it's Vanilla smell was just amazing!
Last Christmas I even got three small Yankee Candles from the Christmas Range, but I didn't have enough space in my luggage to take them all with me when I was moving out. And one of the nicest candles I've had was one from WoodWick, which was also a Christmas gift last year.
It had a crackling noise and such a beautifully shaped jar, which could be actually reused as a small bouquet vase. I nearly burnt it down fully before leaving, so I gave it to my mum and she placed it in her bedroom.
WoodWicks are really expensive, and I'd totally love to have one again, so maybe I could lay my hands on one from Amazon. That would be great!
But, to keep our room cosy and let it smell nicely, I bought some Yankee Candle tea lights already back in April, their scent is called "Clean Cotton", which Eryk chose as he prefers fresh smells rather than very intense ones.
I bought two tea light holders on Monday from the Yankee Candle store, so now we can safely let them burn.
Also, I bought three candles from Airwick, with the same scent, "Wild Fig", and I have to say that it is really amazing. I am in love with it and one of the candles is nearly all gone by now. But at least I have two more of them!
Some time ago I also went to Matalan, where you can get lots of different candles in beautiful, different sized tins, and I bought a small one in a purple tin, because I liked this smell most, which is called "Frosted Cranberry", and I also thought of adding purple details to our room, so I wanted to keep decorating stuff in one colour range, rather than having all different colours mixed up in our room.

So these are all the candles we have at the moment, and as I said, I'd like to get a new WoodWick one and a nice Yankee Candle in a pretty reusable jar.

Do you like scented candles? If yes, where do you get them and what do you think about them?



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