Thursday, 6 November 2014

My Everyday Make-Up Routine

To create this look, I use so many products and you can't even really tell, because I think that this make-up looks so natural!

Even though I just recently uploaded a quite similar post, which is here, I thought I'd do this look as well, because I use slightly different products.


First I of course, use my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade 02 Cool Medium, which is at the moment a bit too dark for me and leaves orange patches on my face, but I try to finish it off before buying the lighter shade. I use the Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush to blend all of the product in as nicely as possible.
Then I use my Bourjois Healthy Balance compact powder in shade 53 Light Beige, and the EcoTOOLS Tapered Brush to apply it all over my face.
The next step is bronzer, which I use a lot especially in winter. I still use the Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder in shade 52, also using the Tapered Brush from EcoTOOLS. Once I'm happy with the contouring work, I use the Countour Brush from Real Techniques and the Highlighter from the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Highlighter kit and apply it to the highest point of my cheek bones.
I also use the highlighter underneath my brows, to highlight my brow bones and in the inner corner of my eyes. This time I'm using the Full Eyeshadow Brush from EcoTOOLS though as it is smaller and more precise for this kind of work.
With these first steps finished, my base is all done and I move on to my eyes.
I draw a line with my Oriflame Illuminate eye crayon, in Desert Brown, which is a beautiful dirty golden colour, and I think it looks very pretty with my eye- and hair colour.
After that is done I grab my Essence eye crayon and just gently create a thin line just underneath my lower eyelashes, to frame my eyes.
And then it is already time for mascara. I use the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex one for my upper lashes, because it has a nice big brush and a really nice working formula. I sometimes even apply a second coat when I feel that I want more volume.
And then I use my Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara and use it gently on my lower lashes to give them a darker colour, to also frame my eyes a bit more.
After this step, also my eyes are completely done and I move on to the last sop- the lips.
In this look I went for a pink, shiny ilp gloss from Dior in shade 686.

And finally I am all done with this light make-up and ready to leave, using so many different products.

What do you think about my daily make-up? What do you like to apply on a daily basis?




  1. is there going to be a video today?

    1. I filmed one and wanted to upload it but when I finished editing it, I realised that it is completely out of focus, so there will only be the vlog tomorrow sadly :(