Saturday, 8 November 2014

November Wants

There are so many new things now in the shops, just because Christmas is coming and everyone gets crazy!
And because of that, I also feel that I still need some things for myself, even though I know that I should rather save up money for Christmas gifts than spending it on myself just now.
But these little things would make me smile if I had them.

Lip Hugs from Make-Up Revolution are new lipsticks that I'd just love to try out! Such a shame I am not a famous blogger and can't get all shades to test them! I also couldn't find them instore yet, so it looks like I'm going to order them online. Not all of them of course! Even though I wish I could....

This cosy jumper from New Look looks so pretty! But I am not sure if it will actually co-operate well with my hair, because the jumper is made of material that it similar to very fleecy blankets if you know what I mean, and they always make my hair go crazy.

I would also need some black 100 den tights, as all of the ones I have now, are already all messed up. And I still like wearing skirts and dresses, so I need tights. But I went to Primark, as I know that they have nice ones, and they had the ones I wanted but not in my size. So I didn't buy any of them.

A nice eyeliner, that would be like the one from Benefit, but not that intense, because it always left some black stains on my eye lids until the next day. But I like the consistency of it, and how you use it. But the price is not cool, and as I said, it leaves my eyes with black lines after I remove my make-up.

These things would make me so much happier, but well, looks like I need to wait until I have the money for them.



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