Saturday, 12 July 2014

Back to Vienna and off to Scotland!


Yesterday Eryk and I were on the coach from Poland to Vienna and we arrived in the evening. The journey was cool and we enjoyed it, even though the weather was just horrible.

Today we went to a shop with my mum because she wanted to buy Noah a new bed, as he is going to live in my room now once he comes back home from his holidays. Then we bought some snacks for our next journey, which will definitely be a long one. I hope that we will have no problems with luggage and so on because we planned it quite well and we just want to arrive in Scotland stressless.

I am sad that I will be leaving my home in two hours, but that's life and I can't stay here forever.

I will let you hear from us once we arrive in our home in Scotland.

This was on our way to Vienna still in Poland. I just love Poland for such places in the bigger cities. I really like such places (Krakow, Warszawa,Wroclaw, Poznan, Torun, Gdansk, Czestochowa,..).

So cute :D

Well, travelling needs to be comfortable :D

It looks like we are quite tanned here. Well, that's what we wanted to achieve in Poland!

And here are the things we are taking with us :D I am hoping that we will arrive with all pieces!

See you on Monday people!



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