Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hot Summer Day


Today Eryk went to work again and I went to town because I wanted to buy myself something in Tkmaxx and M&S. I also had to do the food shopping so I also went to Sainsbury's afterwards. I thought that I'd go crazy in Tkmaxx and that I'd spend so much money but in fact I only bought two brushes. One for blush (which I am going to use for bronzer) and the other one for eye shadow (which I am going to use for concealer). Well, who needs rules?
Then |I went to Marks&Spencers and bought myself some sunglasses and I think that they look really cool and cute, although I always thought I'd never possess such glasses. Well, now I do.

When I went to Sainsbury's I thought my arm is going to fall off. I bought three glasses of jam and I also wanted to buy Nutella but this would probably kill my arm. I also bought pasta sauce in a jar and a drink and fruits and tissues and meat and cheese and cookies and Doritos and so many things OMG. And the best part was carrying it home. Well, first I needed to find a bus stop, which wasn't the coolest thing. Especially because today is SUCH a hot day here in Edinburgh that I couldn't believe it. I also quickly visited Eryk at work for a second and then I took the bus home. I then made myself some snack and talked to my mum on Skype. Now I am trying to write down everything I did today and I want to eat my cookies and I want the pasta already and oh dear, life is hard. :(

Tomorrow I will hopefully set up my bank account and I also should make an appointment at the job centre to get my insurance sorted out.

These are seriously my favourite cookies! Trust me, if you didn't try them yet, you definitely should!

OOTD: dress from New Look, sandals from Forever21, satchel from Fossil, watch from Swatch.

Rings from Yes and Apart.

Lipstick from Inglot.

Oh, I love my boyfriend so much! <3 <3

Hot day- busy Princes Street

Anyone want to go on a ride? I am really thinking of going there but I first need to ask Eryk to go with me.

Beautiful dress, why you too big? :c

New glasses and new brushes. Let's see if these babies are worth buying!

Have a nice evening!



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