Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Snacking And Checking Out The Area

Well, so here in the UK there are so many more different snacks than in Austria that I don't even know what to try and what not and we just always end up with some new sweets in our cupboard after every grocery shopping. I mean, I really like sweets and I could probably survive without any other food if I wanted to.
Today is a stormy day, the skies are grey and it is raining a bit. Not a day you'd enjoy walking around town or something. Although in the morning we wanted to go to the beach as it was sunny and only a bit windy. But it got worse every minute basically. So I've been sitting in my bed, playing Geometry dash, doing crosswords, baking muffins later on and now cooking. We actually did go for a walk some time ago and it wasn't cold, but really really windy. Oh, and by the way, we found out that the Edinburgh Airport is not that far away from where we live. You can actually see the tower and we were watching planes land! So cool! We were just generally checking out the area and it was a nice walk.
Back at home the snacking continued.

Does your country sell this? Well, Austria surely doesn't. But it actually isn't the best, it is too sweet in my opinion, and no, it doesn't taste like 7up at all. But it's pinky.

This is how the weather looks like now, not too pretty.

But this is how it looked like when we went for a walk, not too bad!

CAN YOU SEE THE PLANE LANDING? It's above the field behind the house. It fascinated me too much I think. I love planes.

Princess flowers!

Nr. 1: Special K Biscuit Moments- ok, but nothing special, won't buy again.

Nr. 2: Rowntree's Fruit Gums: very jelly-like and fruity, will buy again.

Oh, and this is what I bought yesterday at ASDA. I've never seen this in Austria before. It is really tasty and my favourite Philadelphia for sure. And it has a turquoise packaging.

Also, I am just having a nice warm cup of tea and waiting for the cake to de-frost.

Can't wait! Where are my chocolate-chicas? :(

I am now off to the bed again to continue solving my crosswords and watching videos or something.
Have a nice evening everyone!



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