Friday, 25 July 2014

Tanned like a brownie

Today Eryk needed to get up for work at half past eight and I was sleeping for a little longer. I wasn't too sure about the weather because it looked quite warm but also cold. But I went outside and after ten in the morning I was already tanning in the garden again. Then I came in and had a refreshing shower, ate something and had a nap after laying in the hot sun. Then I again went outside to tan and I really got brown today, which made me really happy. However, my sun allergy came back because I have been tanning over some days in a row and then it just appears and I suffer for about two to three days. My skin is extremely itchy and when I scratch it, it really hurts.

When Eryk came back from work in the evening he made me some sandwiches because I was waiting for him all day long to cook with him but we didn't know he'd be away for so many hours.
And now we are all relaxing on this hot day and being lazy because of this heat over here.

We don't know what we're going to do tomorrow because Eryk goes to work at four in the afternoon and I wanted to go to town, but going to town at four would be the worst idea ever because of all traffic I'd arrive there probably at half past five and wouldn't really have much time to stroll around without being in a hurry.
Next week however, Eryk will have some days off and if the weather is going to be good we want to finally go to the beach and to town again and we also wanted to start going swimming once a week if possible.

Beach dress: Primark

I just can't live without sweets... 

In case you wonder what my eye colour is- it is this. Is it green? Is it brown? I don't even know. But I think it looks quite cool with the yellowish rings.



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