Monday, 28 July 2014

Monthly Beauty Favourites: July

This months slowly comes to an end and as always at this time I'm showing you all the products I loved using during this month, to show you new products you would maybe enjoy and so on.

The first thing is my sugar scrub from Bielenda. This is a Polish product and when I saw it in a magazine I just knew I needed it. So once I saw it in a shop, I got it and I have been really happy with it. As my skin got extremely dry over the last two months (and I mean REALLY dry!) I needed a really good scrub and now I can say that this surely is one. It has an amazingly refreshing smell ( actually you can chose from peach, raspberry and cherry, I have the cherry one obviously), it is pink and after using it, it leaves a slightly greasy layer on your skin, which is basically moisturising and not greasy any more once you dried your skin with a towel. Your skin is surprisingly smooth and soft afterwards. 
(Just to show you what I mean by dry)

I actually used quite big portions at first but soon I realised that you don't even need much of the scrub to get your skin a better look and now my scrub is nearly empty, which makes me sad. But today I asked Eryk's sister Karina, who is still in Poland, to get me another one, so I should have a new scrub in August.

The next one is also a Polish product as you can see. It is a shower gel from Joanna and it smells like spicy gingerbread- and this is seriously not lying, it REALLY does smell like gingerbread. This is basically why I bought it, because even though it's summer, I just needed it because the smell is just amazing. The colour of it is not the best, but the smell is! It is in a smaller bottle, only 200 ml if I'm not wrong. and is handy to carry around while travelling or something. I won't use it for a long time you know, but it was worth buying it.
If I've seen this product again while being in Poland in the near future, I would most likely buy it again, but I know other shower gels that I would also love to try here in the UK, so once I've finished off this one, I'll need to get another new interesting shower gel.

Next we have my Bioderma face cleanser, which I also bought in Poland but already back in February. I just love how quickly this "micelle solution for combination or oily skin" takes off my make-up without irritating my skin. It works nicely with my skin type and I enjoy using it at the moment. I already had a big bottle of this one and I was very satisfied with it from the beginning. Also, as you can see, this one is coming to an end and I already have a new cleanser in my closet waiting for being used. It is not a Bioderma, but another one which I have already had and which I would totally compare to the Bioderma as it is just as good as this one in my opinion.

As it is summer and I want to get a nice tan as quickly as possible, as long as the sun is shining, I bought this tan intensifying spray from Ziaja ( also a Polish product) and I just apply it before tanning to my body. It is oily and I always like to take a shower after tanning, but it smells like cocoa butter and it also helps the tanning process. As it is so oily it also moisturises your skin, which isn't too bad because you don't really want the sun to dry out your skin, right? I got this bottle in the beginning of July, which means that I've had it for nearly a month now and I need to say that it sadly is nearly empty, or at least it sometimes seems like it. I've been using it every single time I went out into the sun and this was quite often, so I also shouldn't complain about it getting empty. It is a good product and I'd use it every summer without hesitating.

This body mist from AVON is my summer must-have. I bought it last summer before going to Scotland and I just loved using it every single time. It smells like cherries and is very delicate, not like a heavy perfume. It is perfect for hot summer days, and that's the reason why I like having this in my bag. If you feel like you need something to feel fresh again, just use this. It will cool your skin down a bit from all the heat and it will give you a really nice and delicate smell. And as most of the above shown products, this one will also be empty in some weeks most likely, which makes me really sad because I would love to buy another bottle, but I first need to get in touch with an AVON representative, who hopefully will help me buying this life saver. This also is a 100 ml bottle, which means that you could even take it on a plane if you wanted, how cool is that?! 

Now we have a hair product. It is the Schwarzkopf got2b il-liscious styling oil. It contains argan oil, which is very good and it is another lifesaver for me. The ones who know me, and my hair, will also know that it gets frizzy when I blow dry it or when it dries on its own. There is sadly no other way out. Now that my hair is freshly cut and REALLY healthy because there are finally no split ends at all, it shouldn't be frizzy anymore. But it still is because I had such terrible hair loss over the last couple of months that now all the hair is growing back and this means that I have baby hair and some longer baby hair everywhere on my head. And these ones look so frizzy and burnt, even though they are not! So this product is just amazing to deal with my hair. I just get a pump of it on my finger and spread it on my hands, I apply it to my hair all over my head and my hair is sleek. Of course there are still some bits that don't want to stay sleek, but it definitely looks better than without the oil. You need to be careful with such oils though as they can make your hair look greasy very easily. Always start with a tiny amount of it and better leave it the way it is than applying too much of it and having greasy and very shiny hair. 

Then we have my favourite lipstick from Golden Rose I got in Poland earlier this month. I've read about this lipstick on a blog before and I never knew where to find them in Poland, but then I saw that Karina got one and the next day I went to the same shop and also got one myself. She actually has a slightly darker colour, because she has Nr. 14 and I have Nr. 12, but I think that both of them look gorgeous! A thing that is not too good about it, are the golden letters on the packaging, which somehow faded and I didn't even know when.

It is a lipstick from the Velvet Matte collection and I wanted to get myself more of them (and also Nr. 14, but it was sold out already), but the other shades were to granny-like in my opinion and I just went for this one only in the end.

I am totally in love with this colourful, but still delicate berry shade and it doesn't look too dark on your lips, which I also think is very nice. I really enjoy wearing this lipstick on a daily basis even and I will seriously be sad if I won't find it anymore anywhere one day.

And the last thing for today is this handy pack of wet refreshing wipes I always had in my bag. It is amazing while travelling! The night before we left Poland Eryk badly burnt his hand so that we even went to the hospital and so on. The doctors wrapped made him a bandage and we needed to change it the next day. And the next day we spent on the coach actually and I didn't want to get some bacteria into the wounds and it was just perfect having these wipes in my bag so that it was safer touching his hands after using the wipes. And just in general, you might need some of these in town when you make your hands dirty or I don't know. I need to find some new ones because they are not a bad idea!

So these were my favourite products of July and of some earlier times as well.

To find out what else I liked this month, come back the next days because I will also upload a non-beauty favourites post for you!



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