Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Watermelon , shopping and tanning

Today I woke up early because Eryk had work at 9, but once he left I went back to bed for half an hour and then I could finally start the day. The weather was beautiful so I took a quick shower, did the laundry and went outside to tan. I actually fell asleep in the sun and got a nice tan line. Then I did the second laundry and washed my hair, got ready to leave home. I picked Eryk up from work but we needed to come back home anyways, but after that we went to town because we wanted to buy the swimwear and my work clothes. However, we only managed to buy a pair of black jeggings for me, three books and another Princess mug. 

Once we came home Eryk started playing GTA and I needed to see my manager to sort out some things and I also did some grocery shopping. I finally found a watermelon over here and even though it was a baby watermelon and costed me 2.50 pounds I just needed to buy one. I missed the taste so much already and it is probably the fruit I could eat every single day.

dress: TROLL

Well, I think I did a nice job today.. just need to get all these things back home soon!

My legs look sooooooo tiny compared to Eryk's!

Princes Street again <3

Currie buildings and view

Balerno buildings

Balerno view


Well, I don't know yet what I'm going to do tomorrow but hopefully I will tan again as much as possible. I don't even know when Eryk's working so we should maybe plan the day together.



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