Saturday, 5 July 2014

Poland Day 11 & 12


I am really sorry that again I didn't manage to write yesterday but we were so busy that I couldn't find any free time to upload a post so today I will again write about two days.

Yesterday I was at my granny's house with the kids and the weather was great but I really couldn't tan. My sun allergy caught me again and my skin is so itchy and so sore that I could rip my skin off to get rid of the pain. I have no sunburn and my skin is not going off but it is just again the same thing I already had in Vienna. On my arms and legs there are tiiiny red dots and they fade with time but my skin is also very hot and quite red mostly. I am sad because I hope that it will stop in two days so that I can actually enjoy some more sunshine before leaving Poland.
Well, in the evening Kinga came over again and we also invited Karina to our house and we basically had a sleepover. We were sitting in our room and talking about strange experiences. After that at about 11pm we heated up some pizza, had some sandwiches and hot tea. Then we went outside to watch the stars and we went back home at 1:30am I believe, if not even later. Of course, we were three girls and we had to take off our make up and so on so we spent quiiite a long time in the bathroom before we actually went to bed. I really enjoyed this evening and I will definitely miss days and nights like these.

My legs are quite tanned, which makes me happy

But my face is red and my arms are red and my chest is red :c

This is actually the BEST ice tea I have ever tried!!

How adorable is this?!

Strawberries and noodles - best meal for summer

Preparing the midnight snack :D

Me waiting for my dearest people to finally come and sit with me after the prepared their food :D

Today me and Kinga went to my granny's house to help her out a bit with cooking as it is Noah's birthday tomorrow and we are also having a small party. Then we went to town with my aunt because I needed to buy a gift for Noah finally. Then we dropped Kinga off home and my aunt had to do some business stuff and after that we went home. I went to Eryk's house and helped a bit with painting the walls and now I am back home, eating some pasta and doing crosswords. Eryk is at a friend's house and should also be home very soon.

I always hated wearing buns because they never hold long but now as it is so hot I just don't care anymore. Definitely need to cut my hair again! Hopefully soon...

Today I've been here and it reminded me of the summer when me and Dani were in Poland together. We were going on our bikes everywhere and always and this is also a place we've been to back then.

And this is just a random garden without a fence or anything. Well, looks interesting and spooky at the same time...



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