Thursday, 10 July 2014

Poland Day 17

Good evening!

Today I've been home all day long, I needed to pack our bags and make sure that we have eerything with us and so on. The weather last night was just terrible because it was raining really heavily throughout the night. Today it was kind of hot but it kept raining and it is so cloudy that it just doesn't really feel like summer. And now I have to leave and move to a country where the weather looks similar to this very often actually.
I am excited but also very sad, you know, leaving behind your family and not knowing when you're going to see them again. I am a bit scared as I need to go to work for the first time, and this is going to happen in another country. I hope that I will have no problems with the language because I worked really hard for it and I want to succeed.

It is getting late and Eryk is having my SD card over at his house, which means that I am not able to upload any pictures today. Once we arrive in Vienna I will upload some. Sorry for that!

 I need to go to Eryk's house because we are sleeping there tonight. Good night then world, tomorrow I'll be on my way to Vienna with my dear boyfriend and there we will have a short break before leaving to Scotland.




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