Thursday, 3 July 2014

Poland Day 10

Good evening everybody!

Today I finally managed to turn my laptop on after about two weeks and I am finally writing from it.

I woke up with such terrible knee pain that I got painkillers at 7 am. Well, that's not the best thing to start your day but there was no other solution. After about an hour it finally got better and I went outside to tan again. My face finally got a bit of tan, which made me very happy because it was so pale that I looked ill without make up. Then my cousin Kinga came to see us and we ordered two pizzas and had some fun times together. At 6 pm also Eryk's sister Karina came over and we were sitting on the patio and talking and laughing hard and we just spent some really really nice time together. I think this is what makes the best summer memories somehow.
Now it is 10:30 pm and everyone went home and I am quickly writing this daily update for you. Sadly my knee pains came back and I really want to lay down and to get better soon because this is really not funny. Tomorrow morning I will be probably going to my granny to spend some hours with the kids and if the weather stays nice I will try to tan again as long as possible. We'll see how tomorrow will look like. We already have some plans for the next days and hopefully everything will be ok.

Being cool with our lemonades and crisps

<3 <3 <3

<3 <3 <3



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