Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Poland Day 15

Hello everybody!

Today I woke up with an upset stomach, which isn't too cool. I took some medicine and was hoping that it would get better during the day. Eryk watched some Etho series and I went outside to tan a bit again because the sun wasn't too bad! Later Eryk's friend came over to his place and they were having fun with some airsoft guns, they even went somewhere by car together. My aunt and me stayed in the sun as the kids were at my granny's and we had some relaxing time. Later Eryk came over and we watched Gravity finally ( we wanted to watch it already when I was in Scotland for the first time). Later my cousin came over to say goodbye to me and when she left, Eryk, my uncle and I watched a Polish movie I've already seen twice. I still think it is a very good movie and I wasn't bored at all. Eryk wants to watch another movie now but as it is nearly 11 pm I know that I will fall asleep, so I hope he won't force me to watch it with him, because yesterday I really fell asleep right at the beginning.

I actually don't know what plans we have for tomorrow. Let's say we don't have any yet!
It is crazy that our stay in Poland is already coming  to an end and that in three days we will be leaving. It makes me sad somehow, but I am also very excited because my holidays don't end yet. I only hope that everything is going to be fine and that we will have no complications with our journey and the important things once we arrive in Scotland.

morning legs

In case you're wondering- I am wearing nail strenghtener from Sally Hansen at the moment. I finally got used to nude nails, even though I wouldn't like to have no polish on.

Sleepy friend <3

OOTD is very simple again :H&M top and Forever21 skirt.

When I am bored, this is what I am doing!

evening legs

Good night world!




  1. w jakim kraju bedziesz zdawala prawko?

    1. najprawdopodoniej w szkocji bo tam spedze kolejne 5 lat