Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Poland Day 16


Today the weather was just horrible and I am really asking myself why this had to happen when I could have enjoyed some proper sunshine before going to Scotland as I will probably not get tanned over there.

However, my dear boyfriend make breakfast for me in the morning, which made me happy and we stayed at home basically all day long. I went over to his house to pack our suitcases a bit already and then I came back and we stayed with the kids for a while. There was such a terrible thunderstorm at this time that I was really hoping that nothing would happen to our house. We also ordered some pizza again andd I think I'm going to get some soon because there is still so much left! Now I am copying my files from my family's hard drive to Eryk's so that I can have everything that I need in Scotland. This is going to take me so much time because there is quite a lot to copy and as it is already 9 pm I think that I am actually going to continue this work tomorrow.
Tomorrow is actually our last day in Poland and I don't really want to leave because I've been here just over two weeks and I used to stay for two months every year. I didn't manage to do so many things here because it is quite hard to go to town without having a driving license and your own car. Also an obsticle is having three kids at home to look after when everyone else is working. We spent lots of time with Olimpia, Lilia and Noah and this is good because I don't know when I'm going to see them again. (Hopefully for Christmas!)
On Friday Eryk and I are going to Vienna and we will be there for nearly one day. I will spend this day with my parents and I will check the packed suitcases again because maybe I will find some things that I could leave in Vienna.

Things are really getting real and serious right now...

Tasty tasty!

Eryk trying to drink all of his coffee and wanting more of it

My mum sent some sweets to Poland- look what I've found! Well, sorry, not sorry!

Soon ordering pizzas will end again so let's enjoy this moment

Is this even normal?

Surely not...

This rain was surely a bit tooooo much!

Being with the love of my life makes me so happy! <3

Standing on cold ground watching the rain together <3

My youngest cutie <3 Oh dear, I love her so much and I swear she is so cute and soo intelligent for her age! 

Well, and this is what I do now!

Have a calm night everyone!



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