Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cooking and strange weather

Hello everyone!

Today I woke up with terrible belly cramps and Eryk decided to do the breakfast and he called me downstairs when it was ready. I felt so bad but he put a smile on my face because of the little masterpiece he created. My breakfast looked so pretty and it was so delicious that I couldn't even think of not eating it!
After we ate I went back to bed and slept until 11 probably while Eryk was watching videos. Then I got up and cleaned the kitchen, hung the laundry in the garden and I also did the vacuuming downstairs. When Eryk went to work I also did some ironing, got dressed, put my make up on and went to the shop and pharmacy to buy some pain killers for my poor belly. At home I cooked some spaghetti and ate it outside. Yep, I had a picnic on my own. In my garden. I am not a freak. I thought that I would tan afterwards because the weather was just amazing but when I came upstairs to do some things the weather changed totally and there was torrential rain and it was so windy that all the doors and windows at home got crazy.
It got better now however, and I hope that tomorrow it will be sunny again.
Eryk is finishing work in 4,5 hours and I am sleepy and bored and I am just eating everything I can basically find. I will probably play some games on my tablet, check Instagram every 5 minutes and watch videos.

Yesterday's evening when I picked Eryk up from work. It was 10 pm and look at the window! It felt like it was 3 pm or something!


Cooked some spaghetti this afternoon :)

It was so hot today but also very windy as you can see :D

Picnic in the garden was not a bad idea actually

Favourite favourite chocolate <3 (half of it is already gone!)

We finally turned around the bed just the way I wanted it! Eryk was worried that it would be too big and wouldn't fit in there but it did and now we have more space in our room and we need to get things done once we have the time for it.

Well, I am off to amuse myself somehow and if it's not going to rain anymore I will go and pick Eryk up again.

Have a nice evening! :)




  1. Sąsiadko, dawno nic nie było słychać..
    Fajnie by było znowu pogadać/spotkać się :)
    PS. Super blog! :D

    1. Jak widać jestem za granicą więc niestety spotkać się nie da :)