Saturday, 19 July 2014

My shoe collection


Today we got up at 9 and had some breakfast. Then we were just sitting at home and we were waiting for Eryk to go to work at 4 pm. I was also doing some house work and brought Eryk to work later on. The weather just turned from awesome into horrible and it is really creepy how quickly it changes here.
Over the last days it was really hot and suddenly it is raining a bit and it is so terribly foggy outside. It looks like there was smoke or something everywhere. The castle in the city centre has disappeared in the fog and it really looks like winter right now. I want the summery days back and I just hope that they will be here soon and that they will last for a long time because I still want to get a tan!

But this is not the topic of today's post because that would disappoint you.
Today I actually want to show you all of my shoes that I currently possess. There is not much of them, so please don't get angry about the "collection" because it is probably and average collection.

I'll start with the summer shoes and will go over then to the autumn/winter ones.

Alright, let's start then!

These flats are from Forever21 and I bought them quite recently because I had no sandals like these and I thought that they would be great for summer. I paid 13 Euros for them and I know that they were on sale, but I can't remember the original price anymore.  They are kind of grey but they are really shiny. They have so many colours actually that they look like a rainbow basically. I think that's why I actually bought them, because of the colour. And the heel part is just a matte black. There is an ankle strap and I think that these are really cute.

I like wearing them with skirts and dresses and I also think that they are comfortable and you can wear it with nearly everything.

These sandals were bought shortly before my finals as I had two new dresses to wear but no shoes that would fit the outfit. I eventually found these for 25 Euros in Voegele and I just grabbed them because it was really an emergency case already. I wasn't really happy at first because I thought that they are shaped quite weird in the front, but now I really like them and I wore them every day in Poland. They also have such a slim strap and they are nude with some gold areas. The back part is a bit higher than the one from the first flats and I like the idea of it because it makes the shoes more comfortable. I think that they are really nice for more formal dresses and skirts for example, but I also like to wear them on a daily basis.

These ballet flats were also bought in an emergency case- before my prom. I had super high heels, which are just beautiful (I left them in Vienna though because I know that I will only wear them on really important occasions). But as I have problems with my knees I just needed flats to change during the evening. I just went for casual black ballet flats because I could wear them with other clothes as well. These were 20 Euros in Humanic and I just decided to buy them. They are soft and comfortable but they are really big. This is actually size 41, because a smaller one wouldn't fit me. I don' really wear them yet but I know that I have them in case I'd need some plain black shoes again.

These are probably my favourite shoes. They are from Lasocki (CCC) and were 35 Euros. These are leather shoes and as you can see, they already have some scratches at the front. They are really comfortable, although they were really hard in the beginning and I was just hoping that they'd get softer with time. I really love wearing them on colder days with tights and dresses or skirts, but also on not too hot days just without the tights. I am totally in love with those and I just hope that I will keep them for a long long time.

Now we have my favourite Vans. I really love Vans. When I am wearing leggings, I am wearing Vans. And with a plain outfit without many colours I just love to wear these to give my outfit a bright detail. I bought them in a Vans store in a designer outlet for 46 Euros (the original price was 72!). They sadly got a bit dirty already but I just totally love the neon colour and could wear these so often! To me they also seem very comfortable and I would always go back to Vans again. I have had 9 pairs of Vans in total by now and I am planning on buying a new pair any time soon. ( I am thinking of buying the black Authentic Lo pro's again that I bought last summer in Scotland). 

Another pair of Vans I possess is this one. It has a thicker part over the heel than the Authentic's and this part is soft and doesn't hurt you. They don't fit many outfits so I don't wear them often. That's why they still are in such a good condition. I bought them last year sometime and they were 20 Euros, also from the Vans store in the Designer Outlet. They are half a size smaller than the pink ones but also alright. 

Now we have a pair of leather Converse, which I got from my aunt and I am so happy because once they rainy days start, I will wear them so often probably. They also look very cool I think and I think that with some jeggings they will look great. They are also very comfortable and not worn often yet (I wore them once I think). I am more the Vans than Converse type but as I said, I am glad I have one pair of these and they are not made of normal material that will let water through but from leather that will protect your feet from getting wet.

This is a pair of heels I bought three years ago in Poland. I bought them for autumn and wore them quite often back then. However, now I didn't wear them lately and I just thought of wearing them here when going out in the evening or in autumn for short walks. I would love wearing them every day in autumn but I know that this would drive my knees crazy and that it would be really difficult for me. They costed 70 zl ( about 17 Euros right now). They look super cute with cosy autumn outfits and I really should start wearing them more often again.

This is a pair of winter shoes I also got from my aunt. I really like wearing them with tights and skirts in autumn/winter. They are very slim on your shin and they are also very comfortable, even though they have a heel of probably five centimetres height. They are a bit dirty right now as I've worn them all winter long, but once you clean them they are really cute shoes for town and just every day. They are not black but a really dark grey I'd say so I also wear them with many things because they suit many outfits basically.

This pair of Clarks boots is so loved by me. I love these shoes. When I am wearing jeggings/leggings in winter I wear these boots because the ones above are only good to wear with tights, you know. I bought these shoes in Humanic two years ago and they were reduced from 100 to only 50 Euros and as I had no winter shoes by the time, and winter wasn't far away anymore, I just bought them. Because of the amount of snow in Poland they got very soft and light, but they are still looking good. They are a bit dirty now as well and they have some scratches too because they are again made of leather. On the insides you have a zipper,which means that they are very easy to put on and take off.

And now, ladies and gentlemen: my most expensive shoes. I got these last year for Christmas from my lovely boyfriend, who totally surprised me with this gift. Here we have some floral Dr. Martens that are just beautiful and perfect for winter. They were about 110 pounds. They are very comfortable and I have a size 7 of these because size 6 would be just way too small as we found out later. I wear them in winter with a thick pair of socks underneath and I am just a happy person. They are not too heavy, at least I don't really realise while wearing them. It is a bit difficult to take them off, because once you've tied them tight you will need to take yourself some time to get out of these again. I still love these shoes and for winter they are just perfect. Also, the colours are really bright and girly so I don't feel like a total metal head ( not that I am not listening to metal, but I don't dress the way) wearing them.

In Vienna I have three more pairs of high heels, that I just decided to leave as I know I won't wear them any time soon. I also left three pairs of ballet flats behind and also my butterfly wellies stayed at home. Another pair of sandals is just on its way to my new home.

What do you think about my babies? Do you maybe have one pair of the same shoes? 



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