Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Non-Beauty Favourites: July

Alright, yesterday I showed you the beauty products I loved using in July. Today you'll see all the other things I've been totally obsessed with lately.

As I've moved to Scotland recently, I first needed to find out what drinks, snacks and so on I'd like. When I went to ASDA, Sainsbury's, Co-Operative, Scotmid or TESCO there were always ALL kinds of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite and Irn Bru. All kinds of fizzy drinks. But there is no Nestea anywhere. No not-fizzy drinks apart from Orange juice and Apple juice. At least I haven't found any other yet, only the Innocent juices which I keep buying. In Vienna I also liked Emotion flavoured water and I could drink it every day (even though it's fizzy). And now I thought that maybe I could find some flavoured water here and this is what I found. Actually the only brand that probably makes flavoured water here. The Volvic volcano water is not fizzy (which is great!) and there are some different flavours you can choose from. I have already tried strawberry, lemon, cherry and the summer fruit one. I also have another bottle in the cupboard, which is lemon and lime. I totally like this water and I am happy that I've found something else apart from Innocent juice and bottled Starbucks Frappucino that I can drink often. Soon we're actually off to ASDA again and as we're going by car we can get some more bottles! Woop!

Also, as it is summer, I always wanted to have cool sunglasses, but I don't really like wearing them because my face just looks weird with them I think. But some time ago I just randomly found these in Marks&Spencers and I thought they were so cute that I just bought them. They are not totally round so I don't even know what these sunglasses are called, but I surely like them a lot. They are in a pinky bubblegum colour and go well with most of my outfits. I also think that they are very summery and make a cool statement. Also, they were totally reduced and I only paid for them 2,40 pounds- total bargain!

And again, there are no normal rolls in the UK as I realised. Everything is toasted or to be baked or something. And this is quite difficult because sometimes I'd like to eat a fresh roll from the bakery. But lately Eryk bought me these and I am so happy. I just totally love these sandwiches! I toast them for some seconds and eat them with whatever I want and they always taste good! Well, now that I think that these are healthier than crumpets I'm going to buy more of them!

Also, I love eating fruits and in Vienna I always had bananas, strawberries and watermelon. Now here, I can't really find watermelons, and we always have strawberries in the fridge anyways, but I decided to go for grapes because I thought that maybe Eryk would like some. But in the end it turned out that I really like them, especially because they are seedless and not annoying to eat. They are maybe not great for porridge, but they are cool for snacks.

I got the same cup in April from ASDA and I just totally loved it because it is so small and just so girly. I've had it for some days and some time after I left Scotland Eryk told me that it fell out of the cupboard and that it was smashed now. I was so sad because of that because I enjoyed drinking out of it so much but I was sure we could get another one from ASDA this time. I've been to ASDA on my own and couldn't find it so I already wanted to buy a different one from Tkmaxx but didn't really find one I'd like. And just some days later we went to ASDA again and Eryk found the last one somewhere in a corner on sale and he just grabbed it and I was so happy! Well, so this is my favourite mug ladies and gentlemen, if you ever wondered.

Now I wear skirts and dresses very often. But sometimes I just want to wear a jumper on colder days for example and I didn't have jeans I felt good in. And when I was in town some time ago I went to Warehouse, even though I've never been there before, and wanted to get some black jeggings. But instead I found these lighter ones and I just think the colour is so cool (it looks a bit different in the photo, they are actually more blue) and they are also high waisted, and I wanted to try on such jeggings for a longer time already. When I found my size, I tried them on and fell in love with them. They have a zip on the left side and are veeeery slim, just exactly how I like jeans or jeggings to be. And for 20 pounds I just decided to get them because in winter and windy days I won't be wearing skater skirts all the time.

And now, the last thing that is one of my favourites. They are the belgian white chocolate biscuits/cookies that you can get from Co-operate or Scotmid and also Sainsbury's.
They are the most amazing thing in the world! They are so soft and a bit sticky on the inside and the chocolate is just so tasty! There are 4 of them in the bag and they cost 1,65, so they're not too cheap, but I keep buying them every second day or so, so that I always have them at home.
If you live in the UK and haven't tried them before, you totally should, and if you don't live in the UK,.. well, that's really bad!



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