Tuesday, 22 July 2014

We Have A Crazy Plan

Today was such a hot day that Eryk and I decided to go to the beach finally. First we had to exchange some money however, so we needed to go to the city first and there we saw a pet shop, so we went to have a look. Yesterday Eryk told me that he saw ferrets on the website of SPCA and that he wants to get one. Well, I also always wanted to have one and it wouldn't be too expensive to keep a ferret actually. So we just took a risk and bought some basic things for a ferret in the pet shop. Then we went home and took the bus to the animal shelter somewhere quite a long walk away. When we got there we asked the lady to see one ferret we saw on the internet already but she told us that this girl has been ill for the last weeks and that she is also most likely some years old already. And we just didn't want to risk taking an old ferret, which is ill aswell, because we don't want it to die any time soon. We then saw a cute boy that came to the shelter last night. He is totally cute and we are in love with him. However, the lady told us that because he just came in we'd need to wait for seven days before taking him home because he had a doctor's appointment and maybe someone will ask there if he got found and so on. So we filled in some form and left our telephone number there so they can call us next week if we can actually take him home or not.
We would be really happy to have him because we could make him a play area in the garden and we would like to train him to be a nice boy and he is just so cute!

This is of course not 100 % sure, but we totally would love to give him a new home.
So we went back home a bit sad because we really want him and so on.

Because it was so hot today we were both so exhausted that first Eryk fell asleep and I called the job centre in the meanwhile to arrange an appointment to get a national insurance number that I need for work. Then Eryk woke up and I fell asleep for an hour or so. 

Tomorrow Eryk's working in the morning, so I don't know what I'm going to do, if I'll stay home or go to town but if he'd want to I could pick him up and we could go to town together because we want to buy ourselves some swimwear and I also need a white blouse for work and if possible some comfy black shoes as well.

Well, we are kind of ready to take a pet home!

 This place was so amazing, they have such cute animals! All the dogs were so amazing and it is so sad that they have no home with a nice family.

Remember what I said yesterday? It's not a good evening without my favourite biscuits!

One of my readers ( I just got an anonymous comment) wanted to know how I did the scalloped potatoes the other day, so I thought I'd share the recipe with you.

For this meal you need just a few potatoes ( depending on how many you want), some cheese, butter, olive oil and heavy whipped cream. 
1) Scrub the potatoes clean and make some pockets with a knife.
2) Cut the butter and the cheese into pieces.
3) Fill the pockets with the pieces and add salt and pepper.
4) Put the potatoes into a pan and drizzle a bit of oil on top of them.
5) Put them into the oven and bake at 200 degrees for 45 to 60 minutes.
6) After this time take them out and pour some whipped cream along the cheese and butter and put back into the oven for 10 more minutes.

And then they are ready! You can serve them with some more whipped cream (I added some more salt to it) and I also cut some fresh dill that I just put on top of the potatoes.

I hope that they will taste as good as ours, because it was really a nice dinner that I'd recommend to everyone!



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