Friday, 25 July 2014

Tortillas please!

Hi everybody!

It got so late again and I am really sorry for that but me and my house mates just spent some hours together and this night just ended. Eryk had a day off today again and we slept for way to long and when we got up we just had quick breakfast and I was tanning for 1,5 hours while Eryk was playing GTA again.
I was thinking of the dinner and we cooked some tortillas which were so tasty that I ate three of them and that I could eat them tomorrow again.
We also went to ASDA all together later in the evening and bought some things we needed. And when we came home we just sat together in the living room and we just basically spent some time together, but soon the boys stayed downstairs and we, the girls came upstairs and were talking about make-up and clothes and so on.
It is now 1 in the morning and everyone went to bed and I am just writing this post. I am really sorry that it is so late, but I just had no time earlier, because I don't have my own computer yet and because we were not home or so on.

bow: Claire's

vest: Primark, skirt: Primark

Our wrap ingredients

TADA! All done and ready to eat! They were really tasty and quite healthy as well.

News of the day: I just bought the same mug Eryk smashed in April (which made me really sad because it was my favourite). But now I have it again and I am happy :3

Good night! :)



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