Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Poland Day 9 (Poland Haul)

Hello everybody!
Today the sun finally came back and I got up at 7 because I couldn't wait to go outside to tan. At about 10 me and Olimpia were laying in the garden and enjoying the sun. Eryk then went to town with his grandparents and sister and my aunt drove Lili and Noah to my grandparents so we could also go to town for a while. We went to some shops, I bought some things, we had really tasty ice cream and then we ate tortillas which were also too delicious to describe! Then we came back and Eryk was also home again but now he went to his granny's house because they want to paint the walls in a room and I am now uploading this post and as I've bought some things here already I thought I'd show you also what I got.

Today I was wearing my Forever21 skirt, my H&M mermaid top again, my sandals from Cube and my Fossil bag. My hair doesn't look too good but I just wanted to get them out of my face and to tie them together as high as possible because the heat was killing me! My lips are the Astor Cheeky Cherry lip balm. Can you tell I got a tan already?

Looks like we have a friend there!

And now over to the haul part. I don't know if I am going to buy something else before leaving because I don't think that I need something else so I thought I'd just show you what I got until now and if I'm going to shop again I will also let you know then.
As my skin is really really dry and nothing helps I have been using a skin peeling from Joanna Naturia but soon it will be empty and I saw this peeling in a magazine and thought that I could try it maybe. It is a sugar scrub and it smells like cherries. I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow I think. Maybe I will do a review if you want to hear from that product? Just let me know.

I think that the consistency looks so cool and if I could, I'd probably eat it!

The next thing I bought are these wet wipes from Cleanic. I had them already last year in summer and I liked having them in my bag to refresh myself or something. ( And if you eat ice cream and your hands get sticky it is a good solution too, right?) And also the smell is very fresh and I know that I enjoyed using them last summer.

From Joanna I always bought the skin scrubs and also hair shampoos when I was in Poland. Today I found this! I just couldn't resist! This is a shower gel that smells like ginger bread and I am not lying - IT DOES REALLY SMELL LIKE GINGER BREAD! I am in love with this and can't wait using this. I don't care if it is more appropriate for winter, I just love the smell too much to wait so long.

This spray my mum actually bought for me because we want to tan as quickly as possible because we are obviously not somewhere at the beach in Italy or Greece but in Poland in the garden and the sun here is not as hot as there. I really love this spray because it smells like cocoa butter and it has an oily consitency (I like to take a shower after tanning) and it works. Today we were tanning in the morning (from 10 to 11) and we got a proper tan line. 

And I also bought this lipstick from Golden Rose. I saw someone on Youtube reviewing them and I know that she said they were good so I decided to buy one myself. And also Eryk's sister bought herself one earlier this week.

I like the colour of the packaging although it doesn't click when you close the cap.

This is a velvet matte colour in shade 12 and below you can see a swatch of it.

It is kind of a berryish tone I'd say and I think it will look pretty cool in autumn and winter but I also like wearing such lipsticks in summer so I will probably wear it often now :D

I got this dress today from Troll and I thought it looks so cute with the shoe print that I just decided to buy it even though I really didn't want to buy any clothes anymore.

But the thing I like most about it is the cut out on the back!

And when I already paid for the pink dress I found this one on my way out of the shop and there was no way out - needed to buy it as well. And as my aunt gave me some money because of my finals she said that I should buy this dress for the money and I did.

The print is so bright and colourful and I just think that it is really summery.

There is a short zip on the back and also a strap to tie around your waist.

And what I also bought some days ago are these tanning pills that I hope will enhance my whole tanning process this time.



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