Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Poland Day 8

Good evening!

Today we spent some time with the kids again as my aunt and uncle were both at work. In the morning we wanted to cook something for the kids but we didn't really know what so we decided to do some pancakes with Nutella and some pancakes baked with ham, onion, cheese and some sauce. We made quite a mess in the kitchen because the recipes for the pancakes didn't really work out the way we wanted them to. But in the end we had some really nice ones and breakfast was tasty for all of us. Then we went outside and enjoyed at least some sunshine even though it was so windy and cold all day long again. I really hope that it will get warm the next days because in ten days we are leaving and I want to tan until then.
Tomorrow my aunt will be at home and she said that maybe we can send the children to my granny and we could go to town together, which would be really cool because I need to arrange some appointments before leaving.

We will see what tomorrow will look like, and now, here are your photos!

Well, childhood is really changing I'd say

Lili loves her doll and doesn't allow anyone else to touch her!

Pancakes made by Eryk- they were really good!

Wearing my favourite warm jumoer in summer. This is not what I was waiting for all year long!

As always- every time I am in Poland and find these flowers.

Favourite crisps all day long! Woop woop!

Noah was so exhausted that he fell asleep on the sofa and Eryk carried him out onto the swing, later on he laid him into the grass and then on the trampoline. He even took the scooter and made some noise around Noah but he was sleeping like a stone.

And yes, we look very sexy here, I know!

Strange clouds, but better this than grey skies all the time!

I took so many dresses and skirts with me and end up wearing leggings. Not good!

And the last one for today -my brother really loves me :D

Good night everyone! See you tomorrow :)



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