Monday, 14 July 2014

Europe-Trip With My Darling

Hello world!

Today in the morning we finally arrived in Scotland!
Our journey was a very long one because we went on a Europe-trip. We got on the coach in Vienna on Saturday evening and arrived in London yesterday evening. Before we got there we had many stops across Europe. We were in Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and then England. In London we had to wait four hours for our next coach that would take us to Edinburgh. I was a bit stressed out because we had a lot of luggage with us and I was scared that someone would steal a bag maybe. But luckily this didn't happen and we arrived in Edinburgh with all our belongings this morning. It was a fun trip but I am also happy that I finally can lay down in a proper bed if I want to.

So once we arrived home I was sure I'd have a nap because I was so exhausted but somehow I started packing out my things from the suitcases and I soon realised that there was way too little space in the room for all the clothes and so on. We threw away so many bags of Eryk's old school stuff and we created some provisional space for my things that the bin outside our house is half full now with all the paper stuff and gadgets nobody needs anymore.

Also in the morning we went to the bakery to buy ourselves something for breakfast and we also sat down in a park because the weather was so beautiful (I was only wearing a dress!) . Now the weather is not the best one and we actually wanted to go to town but we somehow didn't in the end.

And now over to pictures!

Nice travel breakfast :)

Belgium <3

Brussels, Belgium <3

Lille, France


Dover, England <3

Somewhere in England

Londoneye :)

Travel-Dinner :D


jacket H&M, dress Tkmaxx, tights H&M, slippers ASDA

This is how our wardrobe looks like now. This part is going to be changed into my make up space as soon as possible.

This is my part and there are some things that look like sweets and towels and photos that need some space later on as well. And also nearly all our pairs of shoes down there.

The part in the back is Eryk's and each of us has an own chest of drawers for underwear etc.
I think that it actually looks alright just now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, let me know, share this post or something! :)


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