Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day In Town


Today we woke up and the weather was just beautiful! We ate breakfast in the garden and I even tanned! This is crazy for Scotland I think! But yes, it was hot and sunny and there was a delicate breeze and I felt like sitting on the beach. Then we got ready and Eryk went to work, whereas I went to town because I thought I'd go crazy there and buy so many things. But no. I bought myself a hair shampoo. And food. Well, I don't know how many kilometres I conquered by foot today but it was surely way to much. And I will probably lay in bed today crying because my legs hurt- for sure. I just came home about 15 minutes ago and had some strawberries and blackberries I bought earlier and I think that I'm going to watch some videos now and eat Doritos and chocolate until Eryk comes back from work.

I am really happy that the weather today was so nice because I don't feel like I need to go back to Poland to feel the summer. Hopefully the weather will stay a little longer!

Tanning at 10 am is a nice thing I'd say...

 Edinburgh Castle <3

I didn't know this could get THAT far...

Carrying around bag full of food is not the funniest thing, really!


I really like my new home, the view and the inside. I am happy.

And I look like a creep in this picture, but nevermind, here I am for those who want to see me :D

Have a nice evening!



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