Sunday, 27 July 2014

Second Scotland Haul

Today I went to town again because I needed to exchange some money, but of course I went to the shops as well. I needed black shoes and a bikini, so I got these things, but I also got a crop top and another dress. I still need some other things but I can't find them and this really drives me crazy, but I will find them, I will.

I only took some pictures of the clothes to show you what I got, but I didn't take any pictures wearing them. I will just upload OOTD's with the things and maybe link them to this post.

When I arrived in town there were so many clouds and it even started raining a bit, but soon the sun came out and the sun was so hot that I was sweating in my cardigan and jeggings.

Did you know that there are mountains everywhere around Edinburgh? I think they look really spectacular somehow.

Alright, I bought myself some Vans Authentic Lo Pro -again! I need black shoes for work and I didn't want to wear flat ballets or Converse with a thick white rubber sole, so I decided it was time to get another pair of these beauties!
I know these shoes already and I loved wearing them even with dresses and skirts because they are more girly than the Authentic ones for example. I thought these would be appropriate for work because they are totally black, very simple and very comfortable. I bought them in Schuh, just as the exact same pair I got in August last year. 

It is summer and I don't have a bikini (really!). I kept tanning in my underwear or a crop top and shorts or something. But Eryk and I want to finally start going swimming as often as possible and I just can't swim in my underwear, right? So now, after days of looking out for a nice bikini, I found these two pieces in New Look.

The bra is a white crochet one, which I was dreaming of basically. I was always dreaming of wearing a white bikini and being super tanned. I mean I am not super tanned, but it is ok! It is a normal triangle shaped bikini that you tie around your neck and on your back, which I really like because it fits always! It also has a bit stronger cups, which I also like because I feel more comfortable.

The panties I got are black in the back and black with a watermelon print in the front. I am obsessed with watermelons and when I saw this on the webpage I knew I needed this! The colours are really bright and I think the panties look really cute and also quite nice paired with the white bra.

I then got a white loose crop top from River Island with two shells which are "hiding" your boobies. I thought this was a fun idea, although I wasn't sure if it isn't offensive or something. But I think that it is a cool shirt for summer, for the beach or just to wear with some high waisted jeans or even a top underneath, with a skirt or with a dungaree dress. 

And the last thing I got is this dress. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea but in the end I just went for it. I had these when I was little and I always liked them so now I thought: why not? I hope that it is not too old school or something because I wanted to wear it with a plain shirt or even with the "mermaid" top underneath. I was also thinking of wearing this dress in autumn with black tights and a cosy jumper underneath. I also like the colour and just the idea of it in general.

It has a pocket on the chest, two pockets lower in the front and two pockets on the bum.

On bought sides you find these little helpers that help you get into your dress! 

Well, these were all the things I got today, I am happy and I hope that you enjoyed this post!
I will upload OOTD's as I said, so don't worry, you'll see the clothes on me. (Maybe not the bikini though!)

I am now off to eat some snacks before picking up Eryk from work because I only ate porridge and some sweets today and it is already past 8!

Have a nice evening and see you next time!



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  1. i love that bikini and the shell top is amazing! id love it if youd comment back xx