Monday, 21 July 2014

First Day At Work

Hello everyone!

Today we woke up earlier again because Eryk wanted to take me to the bakery as I had my first day at work. I was a bit scared and couldn't really eat much. Once we got to the place I should go to Eryk went back home and got ready for his shift as well and I had some hours of induction and basic training together with two other guys and one girl. It was difficult for me at first to understand what the manager was saying but after some time it wasn't that bad anymore and I felt more comfortable with the language already.
After the training I went back home and watched some series, ate some Doritos and went to the shop to buy some food to prepare today's dinner. I then sat in the garden and was tanning at 6 pm because the sun was still so hot and it was just so warm outside that I couldn't spend this time at home in front of the computer.
Once I cooked dinner I'll go and pick up Eryk from work and then we'll probably watch some movies again and eat together before going to sleep hopefully not too late.
Tomorrow Eryk has a day off at work and if the weather will be like this we'd like to go to the beach, but we also need to sort some things out at the council and at the bank, so we are not 100 % sure about going to the sea. It would be nice though to relax there in the afternoon a bit.

Oh dear, yes, we eat dinner at 11 pm. Sorry for that, we just couldn't resist.

I have done these for the first time and they turned out incredibly delicious! I will surely try to do them again sometime.

I lately liek sleeping in plaits so that my hair is wavy the next day. I would love to have wavy hair all the time. :(

Today's after-work-outfit: vest from Primark, jeans from Warehouse, shoes from CCC, sunglasses from Marks&Spencers

I don't wear heels often, but today I did. (only for food shopping- not longer though :D )

Nails are Essie-Lapiz of luxury. Totally love this colour!

After-tanning-selfie :D Face is slightly red as usual, but it will be alright by tomorrow morning ;)

And an evening in Scotland without Belgian white chocolate cookies is not a good evening!




  1. i love your post work outfit and those cookies look so yummy! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Love all your posts! :)
    Ps. How did you make these scalloped potatos ? They actually look delicious!

  3. Thank you! I will include the recipe for you in today's blog post which should be up in an hour :)