Sunday, 20 July 2014

Happy baking days


Yesterday's weather was mental! It seriously was so ugly outside that I even didn't want to bring Eryk to work, but in the end I went along with him for 5 minutes and went back home.
Today the weather is totally beautiful again and I woke up, took a shower and went tanning again. Eryk made some breakfast and we were chilling at home before he needed to leave for work again. I went to ASDA because I needed to do some grocery shopping again and shopping in ASDA is just crazy. You feel like in an American supermarket or something, it is so huge that you are totally losing control and you have no idea what you're doing there. I had so many heavy things that my basket was nearly breaking in half and I was praying in my mind for it not to happen because in there were eggs, flour, sugar, potatoes and so on and this really would be no fun. I somehow got to the tills and paid for everything, I took the bus and went home. It wasn't a pleasant walk, trust me. I felt like my arms were going to fall off and my spine is going to break. It all didn't happen and I eventually got home and started baking muffins.

Just to show you how fast weather changes in Scotland, look at the two pictures below. The first one is from yesterday. The second one is from today. Crazy, right?

Today's outfit :)

Oh yes, I love baking!

And they are delicious again. I want more!

My lovely view from our window. I like the mountains in the back and the trees around the small gardens. I like watching the blue sky and the clouds.

Tomorrow is my first day at work and I am a bit nervous but it should be cool. 
See you tomorrow then! :)



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  1. i absolutely love baking but ive been far too busy to get any done recently! id love it if youd comment back xx