Friday, 18 July 2014

First Scotland Haul

Hello there!

Today I went to town again and finally bought some cool things that I thought I'd share with you. And as I also bought some things the other days I thought I'd include them.

First I'll show you some pictures of the day and then the haul part will begin!

This is what I am doing in the evenings- eating Rowntree's ice lollies in bed. 
Nail polish is from Barry M.

And this is another thing I am doing in the evening-cooking. Last night we had some Carbonara pasta bake, which was just delicious! I think that this is going to be something I will cook often.

And lately I get surprised in the mornings by my boyfriend, who is creating nice breakfast for me. <3

This jumper was too much today. It looked so cold outside but in fact I was boiling in town. Sweater from Pimkie, leggings from H&M, bag from Fossil, glasses from M&S.

Today I put on some Golden Rose eyeliner and again my Golden Rose Velvet Matte Nr.14 lipstick.

I just love this random building in the middle of the very old ones.

Alright, and now over to the haul part!

Jeggings: Warehouse, Vest: Primark

Vest: Primark

Orelia necklace: Topshop

Orelia necklace: Topshop

It's crazy that these two necklaces would cost me 47 pounds. Bought them for 3 pounds each today!

Sunglasses: Marks&Spencers

EcoTOOLS eyeshadow&blush brushes: TkMaxx

Kleenex balm: Local pharmacy

Simple make up remover: Scotmid

Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo: Savers

10 pink hangers: Primark

4 pairs of lace footsies: Primark

And this was it! I haven't used the shampoo yet as I am finishing off my Timotei one. I already had this face cleanser and it is really really good. I am not using it yet though as I need to finish my Bioderma first.
The Kleenex balm is good if you want to put it on your lips at night. I hate waking up with greasy lips so I never wear lipbalm or vaseline at night. But this one is ok.
The two EcoTOOLS brushes are very soft and are blending nicely. I am happy with this purchase actually. I genuinely wanted to buy myself the RealTechniques bronzer brush but I didn't find it yet. 

I am really happy with all these purchases and I hope I will enjoy wearing/using them for a long time!



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  1. roundtree ice lollies are so yummy! i love your bambi vest. id love it if youd comment back xx