Tuesday, 11 February 2014

♥ 10 Valentine's gifts for boys under 20 Pounds ♥

Hello girls out there!
As it is Valentine's Day soon, I thought it could be maybe helpful to write a guide to girls, about what they can give their loved boys for this special day. Also, I thought that you could also give your boyfriend a car as a gift if you have enough money for that, so I am going to show you things you can buy for less, that will still fascinate your boy. :)
 To show you some ideas I picked boots.com, as I found some really cool things there!
Of course, these are just some ideas that I would buy for my boyfriend, because I can't read your minds. :)

1) If your boyfriend likes drinking whiskey, you could buy him a whiskey glass and personalise it. Of course, he doesn't need to drink whiskey to get such a glass, but it is just what the website says. Here you can check it out : Personalised Glass 

2) If your boyfriend likes sweets, there is a cute idea for a gift I think. You can buy a big jar, filled with sweets and with a cute text written by you on it. I think this is quite nice, because once he's eaten all the sweets he can either put new sweets into the jar, or he can just use it for different stuff, but he can still keep the package! Sweets jar

3) A nice idea is also a cute calendar, and such a calendar you can either buy and do it yourself, or you can buy one and let it personalise like this one: Personalised calendar

4) A thing he can always use is a pillow! He also wouldn't need to hide it under his bed or in his wardrobe, but leave on his bed and it would look nice. Again this time you can personalise it, or buy a simple pillow case and paint something on it. Pillow case

5) If your boyfriend loves coffee at any time of the day or night, you can buy him his own mug. You can find very nice mugs in stores like John Lewis, Ikea, Butler and so on, and also here in Boots there are such cool ones! Coffee or tea mug Also an idea is to buy a mug and some pens that write on glass and do your own masterpiece! 

6) A lot of guys like motorsports. If your boyfriend is one of them, there are some diaries/ notebooks with some cool cover that you also can personalise! Such a notebook he can used for school, for things he has to remember, for writing down scenarios if he is interested in films, and so on, and so on!  Rider notebook

7) If your boy likes to wear shirts, or even has to as part of his school uniform, or for work, or even just for special occasions THIS is such a cool thing! Personalised cufflinks! They will be original and won't look like the usual ones.I think these ones are adorable! Heart Cufflinks

8) If your boyfriend is interested in the universe and ufology ( which my boyfriend ABSOLUTELY is!) I found something cool even before Christmas as I was thinking about if I should get this toy for him, but in the end I didn't as I bought him something similar to this. UFO!

9) Guys just like computers and most of them also like cars,.. so... here we go! Mix both of them and tada! A computer car! Not a simple computer mouse! Computer Car

10) And last but not least, if your boyfriend is interested in photography and filming and also likes coffee or tea, this is a cool gadget! I also wanted to buy this for Eryk but then I didn't find exactly the one that I wanted. As you can see, this one you can actually screw, so the drink won't get out, but I only found ones where you can't close the lid. Coffee Cup

Also, keep in mind, that you don't have to spend a fortune on gifts, because if you bake some delicious cake or some muffins, or if you cook some nice dinner for you and your boyfriend that you can eat with candles around and just a nice atmosphere, this will show your love even more, as you actually do something to make your partner happy, and not only buy him a gift. Of course, you could now think" Why did she showed what to buy then?" I just like to buy some nice things for my boyfriend that will remind him of me, and he likes buying gifts for me too, but we also do always something nice together when we have the chance, and this is actually what matters! It is also a nice idea to go out somewhere, to an interesting museum, to the cinema or to a cafe!

I hope that if you are still looking for some gifts, this post will help you, inspire you or whatever.
Also, I will upload a guide for boys tomorrow, because most of the boys don't know what to buy for girls, but trust me: a girl will probably always be happy when she gets something from her boyfriend, no matter what it is!



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