Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hello from Poland!

Good afternoon dear readers!
I've just arrived in Poland and I can say that it is warm, which is awesome. Hopefully it will stay this way for the whole week.
So I can show you what my room looked like yesterday while I was trying to pack my bags.

I tried to organise my clothes as best as possible, but then I threw them into the bag and TADA! Done. :3

I am sitting surrounded by 3 children, 3 very active children, Olimpia, Noah and Lilia.
Also, my Orion was very happy to see me again and didn't want to get down from my lap.

Here you can see my big puppy :)

I am talking to my dear boyfriend and I wish he was here with me.

Tomorrow I'll be packing my bags again and on Monday morning I'll be on the bus to my cousin where we're going to stay together for two days. Then we'll come back and on Wednesday we're going to town here. There is definitely going to be an entry this day!!
We'll see what I'll upload the days after that, because I will be at home studying, talking to Eryk when he won't be at school or work, and playing with the children. And meeting my other cousin if she's going to have some time after school.

Most likely there will be an OOTD and maybe hair of the day or something similar.

See you soon! :)



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