Thursday, 13 February 2014

My OOTD 10 and beautiful weather!

Heeelloo!!! :)
Today is a beautiful day outside! It is sooo warm and so sunny! I was sitting already on the balcony in the sun and ust enoyed it. I finished school at 12 today and me and my friend Nicole went to two shops because we had to buy something for school and then we went home. And in the hall I thought of doing an OOTD again! Also, I'll show you the weather!
Today I really want to finish writing my psychology work for my Matura and I want to print the English one and this one to have it all done already. Hopefully it will look nice on paper.

And here is my outfit:
I wore my H&M jacket and my GABS bag today.

I also had my Clockhouse loop scarf, my beige sweater/top from H&M and as often, my H&M skirt.


I had some plain black thights and my black Vans Authentic Low shoes that I bought in Schuh in Edinburgh this summer.

Normal make-up :)

I have my black matte nail polish but as you can say, I had it for some days on my nails now and they need to be done soon again! Also my beautiful rings from Yes and Apart are here- as always!

Side selfie!

Look at this!! 13 degrees in the sun! That's amazing!!

And look at the sky! So pretty!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and now I am going to continue writing my work! :)



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