Sunday, 2 February 2014

My OOTD 7 and a gangster!

Hello! :)

I am watching some adoption series on TV and reading my German book from time to time. The kids are at my aunt's house and it is so quiet at home :D
I thought of an OOTD even though I am going to show you just a part of it. Later on I'll pack my bag as I am visiting my cousin tomorrow. Also, I'll have to read some more 100 pages and skype with my boy after he comes back from work.  <3

Today I have the same make-up as every other day, though it might be boring for you, but I see no point in putting more make-up on if I am staying home :)

My legs look like sausages in this picture :c But my skirt is from H&M, my thights are the clima-thights from my January Collective Haul. And I am wearing a simple black top from H&M which I thought that I don't need to show.

In this picture you can see the pattern that is printed on my skirt, which I think is quite nice :)

I also just painted my nails, and I used the Essie Play Date again. My hand looks veery pale in this picture but it is just because of the flash, so don't worry, I am healthy! :D

And here is a picture of how it looks outside of my window. It is foggy and it has 3 degrees outside, which obviously isn't too warm. And I stayed the whole day at home.

Look at this gangster! <3 Totally love my cutie! <3



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