Thursday, 27 February 2014

So much to show!

It is a lovely day and I wanted to show you some things!
First of all, you'll see my outfit of the day and my hair, then what I am eating right now and what I bought after school. So let's start! :)
As you can see, the sun is shining again and sun makes me happy! :)

Here you can see my hair, that I braided yesterday in the evening before going to bed. I am not good at all at doing nice hair styles, but this actually looked okay.

My outfit is the favourite one, so again everything is from H&M, but the shoes were bought in Poland two summers ago at a local market. And I just love these shoes! They are one of my favourite pairs and I am too sad that they are dirty :(

Smiley :)

As you can see, they are a bit dirty and a bit damaged, but I still love them! And they look pale here, but in fact they look like in the picture below and the one with my whole outfit. I love wearing them in Summer, but also now, with skirts or dresses, they just look so cute!

My nail polish is the Essie one, which you can check out here if you want :)

Again, the outfit from a smaller distance now :D

And my lovely Scottish bag <3


So, I went to the shop and bought bananas, yoghurt, strawberries and so on and I just had to do this!

OMG. <3

Well, just a small buffet IN MY BED :3

And I saw these and OF COURSE I had to buy them as they are tulips!
They are so beautiful, so colourful and they make me smile, they remind me of my lovely boyfriend who would buy me tulips everyday. <3

So beautiful, I want to have tulips around me everyday!

So this was my entry for today, I hope you enjoyed it, I'll enjoy my tasty food now and do my homework later on as I have to do a lot again. Tomorrow I'll upload the February Collective Haul, so come back if you want to know what I bought this month! :)



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