Friday, 7 February 2014

Lazy Friday


It is already 12 and I am still in bed in my pyjamas, reading the book. I am on page 318 now , which means that there are only 461 left. And Sunday evening is the deadline. Luckily, I managed to do the powerpoint tomorrow already, so I'll only have to add some details. After arriving home, I'll need to print handouts for my class, which I also need to do first. I should also write my work about Autism, but I still didn't continue writing yet. Today I'll also read a bit of history, as I'll have a test on 11. February, I think.
So much to do and so little time! This is really horrible and I don't know when I am going to finish everything I haven't yet! :O

I also want to go shopping as I want to buy some polish things that I'll have in Vienna, just in case I miss polish food or sweets or so on.
On Monday, Eryk and I have our SECOND ANNIVERSARY already, and this makes me so happy! Sadly, we won't see eachother this time, but we will spend the whole afternoon on Skype, which is also very nice!

Maybe I'll find some time to upload an entry later on, but now I really need to continue reading and studying, because I have not much time anymore.



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