Saturday, 8 February 2014

Excuse me, it's tea time!

I am back home and I wanted to show you some nice things! Kinga and me took my camera to town and took some pictures of the cafe we went to and of what we were eating and drinking bcause it looked so good! We were also trying to make our first vlog, but all the people around us were like " What the hell is wrong with them?" and so we stopped after walking around with the camera pointing at us, after 6 minutes :D Well done!
We had some nice time and enjoyed it, as we're not seeing each other too often!
So here are the pictures! :)


Kinga is trying to pose for the camera :D

Look at this beauty! And look at the cute decoration of the cafe! It is so nice there!

I had some orange tea with some spices, which was delicious, and a chocolate cupcake with some topping and cocoa powder.

Look at Kinga's massive strawberry cake! She had some Vanilla tea tough :)

And here we are after fixing my hair as it looked really bad after the wind came :D

Weird face picture again :3

Awww <3 Such cuties! I love you and I miss you! <3

I hope you liked the pictures, and that you can see that it was a great afternoon :)
After my mum picked me up, we went to buy some instant soup for me and some Cheetos crips and Lays crisps, and a lot of Tymbark juice, as I know that I will miss all the things in Vienna.
Now I have to read the book and study a bit and later in the evening I'll have to pack my bags, as tomorrow it will be again" Bye, bye Poland, and hello Vienna!"



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