Monday, 3 February 2014

Papa Jack's Chickenburger

Today I took the bus to see my cousin and I arrived just after 12 o'clock . My cousin picked me up from the bus station and we were both so hungry, that we went to our favourite restaurant called Papa Jack. It looks like restaurants or bars in American movies and there is just a nice atmosphere. So we bought chicken burgers which were huge! There were also french fries and some salad. We couldn't eat everything as it was just too much! But it was delicious :)

Later on we went home for a second and went then to the shopping centre. We bought some things, and I will show you my things in the February Collective Haul. Somehow we are both tired and we wanted to go to a drug store , but decided to go home and relax. 
Now I ate some nice yoghurt and am waiting for my boyfriend to talk to me on Skype :)

Tomorrow we are going to another shopping centre and we'll see what we can buy there, and in the evening we are taking the bus home already. Most likely I will spend the night at her house as we have a hairdresser appointment on Wednesday morning, so we could go together already. 
I bought myself some Lay's crisps, or  if you're from the UK, Walkers, and I am going to eat them now :3

Let's see if I can manage to upload something tomorrow, and if not, then I will on Wednesday for sure!



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