Friday, 21 February 2014

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Test and Review!

Hello girls and boys!
Today was actually the last day of our English in Action week which made me quite sad, because our teachers were so nice and it was really fun working with them and I will somehow miss them... But one of the teachers is from Edinburgh and she asked me when I am going to be in Edinburgh and that maybe we're going to see eachother sometime because she's seen so many foreign students of her over there so maybe we'll have some luck! :)
This week was very helpful to me, even though we didn't do all of the exercises that were in our two books that we got, but we really used the time very well in my opinion. I also thought that this kind of teaching and studying is better than our usual system so I won't be too happy returning to school on Monday again.
Also, there is a chance that I am going to hold my German book presentation on Monday and this weekend I really have to revise all the important points again, as I've forgotten them already.
Today we also got a nice Certificate and some sweets which we already liked the days before when we got them ;)

Anyways, as I told you yesterday, I've bought something cool that I want to show you. I first made a video of it and today I am doing the review on this product. It is the new lipbalm from Astor that you can get in a lot of different colours. It originally costed 8,50 Euros and then I found it on sale for only 4,99 so I decided this was really the time to finally buy it, because I was always thinking: Don't buy it, you're going to use it once and leave it somewhere again. But nope, I bought it!
So I'll show you some pictures of how it looks like and write a bit about it.

So here you see the lipbalm, it is in the colour 015 Cheeky Cherry.

Right after applying it, it is quite an intensive colour and I have no occasion to wear such a strong colour, so I just took a tissue and kind of wiped the wet lipbalm off and then I had a slightly lighter colour and it had more of a matte look in the end as you can see in the next pictures.

I really like how it looks like here because it is still very natural and nobody even recognised that I had liptick on today in class. I also had to say that I was really scared that after some time there will be only the outlines coloured and the inside of my lips would be back to normal and I was checking every hour and I have to say, that it really faded evenly on the whole lips and not only on one spot, so this looked really nice and I was hoping that it wouldn't make strange colour varieties on my lips.

It is a more intense colour than natural but I think this is really, really ok and still acceptable for school or so on. :)

I hope you liked this review on this product and let me know if it was helpful for you, if you have the lipbalm or if you want to buy it! :)

PS: We have actually 1609 views, soon it is going to be 2000 with your help! :*