Friday, 28 February 2014

Baking banana muffins with a helper!

So, as we are going to have guests in a couple of hours, me and my mum went crazy. We cleaned the flat and then started to prepare food. Noah and me made some banana muffins, my mum did a cognac cake and a chocolate cake as well. And then we made two bowls of Gyros salad. Well,... is this even normal behaviour?

So let's have a look at the muffin-baking-process! :)

So here are the muffin ingredients ( and an egg is missing!)

The helper is ready to help!

UUH chocolate! <3

Trying to pose for the picture...


And off to the oven!

In order to keep my hair off my face, I did a bun and put in a bow, like I always do...

This is how it looked...

Waiting is the worst thing out of the muffin-baking-process...

And here we have 12 delicious banana-honey-chocolate-nut-muffins!

Omg, look at the quality of this picture, you can actually see every single hair! :O

And I finally found a good storage place for all my hair bows. I never found a container which would hold all of them, and finally I found one in the kitchen :D

My babies <3

While cleaning up, I recognised this book amongst all the others in my huge book shelf and my brother actually got it for Christmas 2012 from Eryk, BUT I stole it and keep it in my room! :3 Such a nice sister!

Well, and that was it for today, tomorrow I'll upload the February Collective Haul and I hope you'll check it out!

Enjoy the weekend! :*



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