Saturday, 15 February 2014

Follow me around! 15.02.2014

Good afternoon!
Today I decided to upload a "Follow me around" post and I'll just show you some of the things I saw outside and inside. My mum and me went to see my aunt's house, which is still in the phase of getting everything done and carrying furniture in and out and so on and we helped a bit with cleaning the windows and cleaning the doors and floors and so on and then also with carrying around some furniture. Later on we went to a shop because we needed some food and I'll show you what I bought for myself!
So let's go! :)
My outfit of the day: Stradivarius sweater, Reserved leggings, H&M shoulderbag, H&M sunglasses

For my make up I used all the things you can see below :)

Woop Woop! So many thiiings!

This is actually the view my aunt has from her living and dining room! Isn't it amazing?? 

As it was quite windy, I had my H&M jacket and I also wore my Cropp boots again.

On our way back home, as you can see in the "mountains" around Vienna are lots of people living there!

Some cool building I saw on our way...

also a football stadium...

some cool building more...

the fitness centre which I can actually see from my living room has such a nice architecture I think!

And look what I bought today! Such a cute hat! :D I just couldn't resist! Although; I have to say that the taste of this smoothie is not my favourite one because it has some pineapple and spinach extracts and I can taste such little amounts of things and it would be perfect if it was just kiwis, apples and limes, but it has other ingredients too, that sadly I don't like at all. But the hat was cool! :3

At home I had some nice warm soup that my mum cooked when I was still asleep..

nom nom nom! Nice oranges!

And now I am eating some colourful and spicy Wok vegetables that my dad cooked!

Also I ate a freshly baked roll with Nutella, then the soup, I drank the smoothie, half of the last cupcake that I could find, an orange and now I ate half a small roll with cheese and hot ketchup. ( I don't know why I am doing this, but I can't eat cheese without ketchup and my boyfriend thought this was weird first, but now he does it too! HA! ;) )
Soon, we will make the egg salad thingy again and I can't wait to eat it already!

PS: Eryk is off to see the first offer for our house! :3 So exciting! I would like to be there too!