Friday, 28 February 2014

My OOTD 15 and Lookbook!

Hello my dear people!

Today is Friday, which is very nice! My family from Poland is coming over to visit us and I can't wait to see my cousins!

Today I want to show you what I wore and then I'll pick my brother up from nursery, clean up the mess in my room and bake muffins.
So let's get started! :)

Ok so my make up is the usual one, and I put on a thin layer of the Astor lip balm, and this is how it looks after 7 hours. I think it faded away quite nicely! :)

Next, you can see my accesories, my Scottish bag, a floral belt I got somewhere in Poland once, my beautiful rings that my boyfriend bought for me, and a nice necklace with some cool stuff on it that I bought at I am. I also wore my Bershka skinny jeans and my favourite black Vans.

 I think it is a very comfortable outfit and I really like it. :)

I hope you enjoyed this really short post and you can follow me on Google+, bloglovin, and on Lookbook! :)

PS: Don't forget to come back tomorrow, I'll upload the February Collective Haul post! :)



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