Friday, 14 February 2014

My OOTD 11 and Valentine's Day?

Hello girls and boys( If there are any!)
I am proud of myself as I sent my college application yesterday and kind of my university application today! WOOOP!
Ok, so today is Valentine's Day? Well, I observed people out there in the world and everybody was kind of normal, except of one couple where I thought that they are really(!) going to eat their whole heads right on the street. Omg.
But well, I am uploading an OOTD again and some other crazy pictures ;)

Here you can see the mess on my desk :3

I am wearing my Primark socks and my Reserved leggins

Me in my bathroom- I am wearing my purple Topshop sweater and a black top from H&M underneath.

And as you can see the sweater has cutouts on both shoulders which I think is very cute! and it has kind of a cross shape on the front and it is made of a lace kind material, whatever.

Here is my hair ( I don't even know why I am showing it)

I had my GABS bag with me and I wore my Clarks boots again. Basically, I wanted to wear my Vans today but as they are quite a lot cut out I'd need to wear like tiny tiny ballerina socks, and I don't know how to call them, and I had already normal socks on and had no time to change them, so I wore boots.

And look at the sky! So Pretty again! 
And it got even sunnier! Soo nice! Hopefully, the winter won't come back like it did last year in March!

I hope the weather is also pretty wherever you live! :)



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