Sunday, 16 February 2014

My OOTD 12 and follow me around!

Hello readers! I hope you are having a nice Sunday!
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So first of all, my boyfriend wasn't too happy with the house viewing yesterday and this means we are still trying to find something cool for us. There is a house that Eryk would maybe like but it is a bit outside Edinburgh and I am scared because of transport to college/uni/work and so on. You know, I am moving there so first I have to get used to EVERYTHING in this nice country, and as I've been to Edinburgh twice already, and I am going a third time in April, I would feel more secure in the city, but we'll see what we're going to find.
And today I went with my family to a Chinese restaurant and we spent some time together and I wanted to show you some picture of this "event" and also my outfit! It is quite warm outside (10 degrees!) and that made me really happy because I didn't need to wear a lot to keep myself warm! ;)
And here we go!

Before leaving, as it is warm, I am wearing my Vans again because I love them! They just need to be washed a bit.

Someone didn't enjoy his food so much.. ( but later he ate 2 small bowls of ice cream and said that his food was delicious!)

Here you can see what I chose, and this is what I always eat in Chinese restaurants :D

And I don't even know how many bowls of kiwis I ate there!

See the ice-cream-face? Told you- best food in the world for little monkeys!

Getting some more ice cream- Woop Woop! 

Wow, so much light, I look white! I don't even have lips in this picture!

And here you can see my outfit again:
Levi's jacket from my mum, H&M skirt, Vero Moda shirt, black recycled tights from H&M

Under my jeans jacket I wore a white sweater/cardigan what ever with some two small pockets

Here is the outfit without the jacket and sweater, which looks very simple


This is actually my one and only shirt of this kind, I only wear tops normally!


PS: It's 9 pm and Eryk just came back from the second house viewing and we think that very likely this house is going to be ours very soon, if we're not going to find anything else! So exciting!

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